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Sole Treadmill Reviews

If you're searching the web for Sole treadmill reviews then it's pretty clear that you are shopping around or looking to buying a treadmill. Good for you! Also good job on looking into a Sole treadmill. Sole fitness is a great company when it comes to home gym equipment and treadmills for your home gym. Look at this table of their treadmills:


Sole Fitness Treadmills Background

Most home consumers probably have not heart of Sole Fitness mainly because of the fact that for years they have only marketed their products to hotel chains like Hilton among others. But in the last few years they have started selling their treadmills, ellipticals and other home fitness equipment to regular consumers and the response has been great. The general population enjoys running on sole treadmills. They currently have 8 different treadmill models available and have one of the best warranties around.

Every single treadmill by Sole Fitness is backed with at least a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 3 year warranty on the running deck. Also a lifetime warranty on the motor as well. A lot of other fitness companies don't even cover the deck of the treadmill usually just the motor and the frame. Also depending on what treadmill you pick out there is some parts and labor coverage as well.

Sole Fitness Treadmill Comparison Chart

Sole Treadmill Comparison Chart

The Commercial Series was built for people who plan to repeatedly use the treadmills often. Places like small gyms or a series athlete that runs daily should look into the commercial series because of the raving reviews this series gets. For instance, the Commercial 1750 model is only priced at $1,499 but you get 3.5 horsepower, decline down to negative 3 percent and an incline of up to 15 percent. The cool thing is that with each new years we find improvements being made in all of these categories as well.

The best part about the awesome warranty is the fact that you will probably never have to use it. Sole treadmills were designed to withstand constant use in hotel gyms and they know that in some hotels they are in use for several hours a day. So you can be confident that for home use you have no worries of break downs or anything else like that. Some of their treadmills can even hold up to 400 pounds so you know they are heavy duty.

Sole Treadmill Reviews

A lot of their treadmill machines come with great perks like built in sound systems for listening to your iPod or mp3 player over speakers while running. Most of them has a nice platform on the console to hold your device as well and notches to make sure it doesn't slip off. And besides the nice bonus features they have all the basic necessities too like heart rate monitors, LCD console screens, speeds of over 10mph and more.

Another great confident and cocky move by Sole Fitness is the fact that for each Sole Fitness Treadmill, they offer a 30 day trial period that states that if you do not like your machine for any reason you can ship it back to the manufacturer and get a full refund. Now that's customer service. They are so confident you will like their treadmill and start using it for weight loss that they even essentially offer it free for 30 days. Oh, and that full refund? It covers shipping both ways.

Sole Fitness Treadmill Pros

  • Awesome Warranty: Like we mentioned above, compared to its competitors, Sole Fitness offers one of the best warranties around when it comes to their home exercise equipment.
  • Compact In Size: Sole Treadmills are extremly easy to stow away. At least half of the treadmills in their line up actually fold up for easy storage.
  • Features: Little perks like extra fitness programs, iPod speakers dock and other features make their treadmills even more worth the money.

Recommended Sole Treadmills:

Sole Treadmill Cons

  • It is actually extremely hard to find any cons when it comes to Sole Fitness Treadmills. As you might infer its pretty obvious that the cheaper end models will have less features but thats true with all fitness companies. If we had to choose something more we'd like to see maybe some internet browsers on the treadmill would be nice but definitely not necessary for most people.

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