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Smooth Treadmill Reviews

Smooth Fitness carries some of Americas finest fitness equipment. They create high quality treadmills, ellipticals, and other home gym equipment. The company makes Smooth Treadmills as well as the EVO brand treadmills. If you read the Smooth Treadmill reviews you will find that they are highly recommended based on their features, durability, and prices. Have a look:


Smooth Treadmills

When it comes to Smooth Fitness many people choose their products because of the fact that they are known to be durable and have so many different product versions with different features. For instance they have folding treamill models as well as non-folding. Some of their treadmills are equipped with a color LCD display while others are not for the people who want to save money on features they don't need. All of their treadmills however are equipped with their famous cushioning systems to reduce the impact on your knees and other joints involved with intense running.

Another thing you can guarantee to see on their treadmills is a Heart rate control. Their heart rate monitoring is in the top percentiles for accuracy and makes a great measure for knowing just how much cardio exercise your body is getting. Not to mention their top of the line motors. The Smooth 9.65TV model even has a 4HP motor packed in it!

Smooth Treadmill Comparison Chart

Smooth Treadmill Comparison Chart

Smooth Treadmill Pros

  • Price: When you buy these treadmills from a retail store like Sports Authority or Dick's you end up spending thousands more than online. You can get these treadmills from $1000-$3000 on the Smooth Fitness website.
  • Motor Capapcities: Smooth Has some of the highest powered motors in their treadmills. For instance each and every treadmill has at least a 3HP motor powering it.
  • Track Cushioning: Like mentioned before, the track cushioning on Smooth Fitness treadmills is superb. Read any Smooth treadmill reviews and you will not find a single person complaining about joint pain.
  • Some Come With A TV!: If you go the high scale route and get the Smooth 9.45 or the 9.65 you will have a built in 15 inch LCD tv! You can watch movies and Tv shows while running along.
  • Great Warranty: When it comes to warranties Smooth Fitness has one of the best policies around. With a lifetime warranty on the frame & the parts and two years in home labor you can't really go wrong.

Smooth Fitness Treadmill Cons

  • Preset Apps: When looking through the features and reviews of the Smooth Treadmills we found that while they offer a decent amount of built-in apps it really doesn't compare to the amount that some of the other companies are offering. Not to mention they don't all come with iFit cards which is a bummer. All in all we still recommened the Smooth Fitness brand highly. They have some great sturdy equipment that has been used for years and we're sure they will be around for years to come.

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