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If you're searching for the right exercise bike for your home gym then the best thing you can do is to start sifting through our exercise bike reviews. We review the top exercise bike brands such as Scwhinn, Proform, and more.

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Stamina Exercise Bike Reviews

If you're looking into purchasing a Stamina exercise bike then you should definitely check out our reviews. When it comes to exercise bikes Stamina ranks in the higher price range but that's not to say that they don't match it with quality. Read more below to find out their best exercise bikes and why we like them.


Stamina Exercise Bikes Background

Stamina as a fitness company has been around since early 1987. They are most known in the past for their American Gladiator Home Gym but over the years they have expanded into ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes. With a huge line of each of those products you are bound to find one that suits your home gym well without breaking the bank.

Stamina's exercise bike line has an extensive amount of products. They have over 20 products exercise bikes & related. Whether you're looking for recumbent bicycles, upright, or indoor cycling you will be able to find any of them in the Stamina product line. It doesn't matter if you're looking for bare minimum features or decked out either.

The 9100c bike is their most expensive bike coming in at $999.99 but it has a very unique selling point. The handle bars actually rotate so you can work out your arms while pedaling the bike. This is a very unique feature to see especially on a recumbent model. It's also equipped with heart rate monitors and other capabilities.

If a recumbent style bike isn't for you then you should probably look into the indoor cycle bikes. For instance the Stamina CPS 9300 is awesome because it's only $699.99 but it comes highly adjustable. With a 40lb flywheel and a wide range of tension options you will love the feel of this bike. There's an LCD control panel attached to track calories burned, distance, and other metrics.

Stamina Exercise Bike Reviews

For bare minimum featured bikes we suggest the Magnetic Fusion 7100 at $399.99. It's a recumbent bike so you get the relaxing support of a back rest while you do your cardio exercise. It also comes stock with 7 built in workout programs, 8 levels of resistance, and adjustable seating. It is an excellent bike for the price.

Stamina Exercise Bike Pros

  • Good Quality: If you've looked through the individual specs on these bikes you will notice that there isn't crazy unneccesary features like built in TV's and whatnot. This is because they concentrated their efforts on stability and sturdyness and quality..
  • Size: The vast majority of the bikes are very small in size and easy to store out of the way.

Stamina Exercise Bike Cons

  • While the bikes are sturdy and definitely high quality, they do lack the awesome features that are not necessary but included in some of their competitor's bikes.

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