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If you're searching for the right exercise bike for your home gym then the best thing you can do is to start sifting through our exercise bike reviews. We review the top exercise bike brands such as Scwhinn, Proform, and more.

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Proform Exercise Bike Reviews

Hunting for the right exercise bike can be a rough thing to do. You don't want to jump to any decisions quickly and end up wasting your money on a piece of equipment that won't do the proper job for you. Before you blow your money have a look at our Proform Exercise Bike Reviews so you can make an educated decision for your future.


Proform Exercise Bikes Background

Proform is a quality fitness equipment brand that is known for their high quality products. Primarily Proform is most appreciated for its line up of elliptical cross trainers and treadmills. They are part of the same corporation as Weslo, Nordick Track and others but each of their product designs are unique.

Proform sells both standup and indoor cycling bikes. They currently do not create and recumbent bikes so if you are interested in a sit down recumbent exercise machine you should check out one of the other exercise bike brands. The prices of the Proform bikes range from $299 to $1299 and come with various different features. Not to mention artificial intelligence that controls wind resistance.

For instance, the indoor cycling bike "Le Tour De France" is priced at $1299 and comes with many features. It comes stock with iFit live so you can run anywhere in the world using Google Maps. It also has a 20% incline or decline setting for realistic bike riding experience.

If you're looking for an upright bike then the ZX2 is probably a good fit for you. It comes with Dual Grip EKG heart rate monitoring and a mp3 music port with built in speakers. It also has a very unique twist to it. The ZX2 comes stock with built in exercise games. "Fat blocker", and "Calorie Destroyer" will keep you busy while you pedal away on your new upright exercise bike.

Proform Exercise Bike Reviews

If you're looking for a bare minimum exercise bike we highly suggest the $299.00 290 SPX Bike by Proform because it packs great quality in at a low price. With Adjustable padded seating, chain drive, and toe caged pedals you are ensured a sturdy ride. This constantly gets raving reviews for the price and almost all of the customers are completely satisfied with thier purchase.

Proform Exercise Bike Pros

  • Good pricing: With the top of the line model priced at $1299 and being fully decked out with capabilities and features, you know the Proform series is overdelivering when it comes to the price.
  • Transport wheels: The majority of the line up is equipped with tilt n go wheels for easy moving and storage.
  • Features: These bikes are packed with features, some even coming with exercise games to play while you pedal.

Proform Exercise Bike Cons

  • Our main beef with Proform is the fact that they do not sell any recumbent exercise bike models. We find that disappointing considering a large amount of people out there prefer the semi-relaxing feeling of sitting down while they do their cardio. Other than that we have no real complaints about the products they do make.

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