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If you're searching for the right exercise bike for your home gym then the best thing you can do is to start sifting through our exercise bike reviews. We review the top exercise bike brands such as Scwhinn, Proform, and more.

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Marcy Exercise Bike Reviews

Marcy Fitness is not a very well known fitness company but they do make decent exercise bikes. They are a section of "Impex Fitness" and have been around for a handful of years now quietly putting their products into the market. All of their exercise bikes are very simple and cheap. They are good for people who can't afford high quality expensive equipment.


Marcy Exercise Bikes Background

As mentioned before, Marcy Fitness is a subsection of Impex Fitness which is a lesser known brand in the fitness equipment market. You can purchase Marcy Fitness exercise bikes on amazon.com and some other online websites. Generally they are of a much lower quality standard than the more popular fitness equipment companies out there today.

A lot of people use Marcy Fitness products if they are on a super slim budget yet really need to start exercising right away. There are many complaints about their products being cheap and breaking within months of purchasing. Whether it be loud noises, lack of resistance or another problem there has been tons of complaints.

Marcy Exercise Bike Pros

  • Price: Honestly the price is the only perk to Marcy Fitness products. We feel that they are very cheap and we would not recommend them to everyone..

Marcy Exercise Bike Cons

  • Lack Of Features: These exercise bikes have absolutely no added features to them.
  • Quality: Reports of low quality have been posted on various sites. Many people complain about quick breakage, clunky noises and more.

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