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If you're searching for the right exercise bike for your home gym then the best thing you can do is to start sifting through our exercise bike reviews. We review the top exercise bike brands such as Scwhinn, Proform, and more.

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Life Exercise Bike Reviews

Life Fitness is one of the most popular fitness brands on the planet right now. If you are looking into buying a Life Exercise Bike then you are probably making a good choice. The Lifecycle line up improves a little more with each new release and there are so many different options to choose from that you are bound to find the perfect bike for your home gym.


Life Exercise Bikes Background

Life Fitness is now over 40 years old and has been providing people with high quality gym and fitness equipment for most of those years. Throughout the years they developed new technologies and equipment that have pushed the limits on weight loss and fat burning as we know it. Their Lifecycle Exercise bike was the first piece of electronic fitness equipment known. Since then they have developed over 400 more models of machinery.

At first Life Fitness was dedicated to providing corporate gyms, hotel gyms and other commercial businesses with gym equipment. But as times have changed more and more people have started working out at home and Life has developed many exercise bike models meant to be used in the home. They are affordable and great quality.

Currently at this time there are 8 different models of exercise bikes produced by Life Fitness. They have upright bikes and recumbent bikes for you to choose from. If you like the feeling of sitting down during cardio you should look into the recumbent bikes. If you like the feeling of true intense biking you should look into the standup series.

If you decide to go with a recumbent exercise bike we recommend the Club Series Lifecycle. Priced at $2,999 you get the comfort of recumbent seating and the features of radio shack. This baby is equipped with 28 workout programs, a wireless heart rate chest strap, custom workouts and more. Everything you need to start your weight loss journey.

Life Exercise Bike Reviews

Now if you decide to go with a standup bike we highly recommend the Platinum Club Series upright Lifecycle. It is also $2,999 and is basically the equivalent of the recumbent version in upright form. It also has a 15 inch integrated LCD TV System in it. You can monitor your vitals, distance, etc all while watching tv and exercising.

Life Exercise Bike Pros

  • Features: If you read above then you know that the Life exercise bikes are packed with great features. Things like 15 inch LCD TV's built in are things you will not find with some other companies..
  • Price: When you think about the things you are getting for the money you will realize that the prices are actually really good compared to what you are getting.

Life Exercise Bike Cons

  • Most of the Life Fitness Exercise bikes are very high in price. There really isn't any dirt cheap options where you can cut out the fancy features and still get a sturdy barebones bike for losing weight. We find that disappointing.

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