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Yowza Pompano Elliptical Review

The Yowza Pompano Elliptical is the newest elliptical for 2012 by Yowza Fitness. It is a counter-rotational core motion elliptical and is in the middle of the price range.

Yowza Pompano Elliptical

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The first thing we noticed about the Pompano is the fact that you get the Cardio core feature of the Captiva and Sanibel at a price very close to the Navarre. Due to the overwhelming demand of consumers for a lower cost elliptical with this cardio core motion we now have the Pompano on the market. Keep in mind this technology is patented and only available with Yowza Fitness ellipticals.

Size wise, the Yowza Fitness Pompano is longer and skinnier than the Sanibel, but has a 20 inch stride like the others. The best part about a 20 inch fixed stride length is that it's almost perfect for providing a very realistic feel when running.

Yowza Pompano Features

  • 20 Inch Stride Length
  • 12 Built In Workouts
  • 16 Resistance levels
  • Contact Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • Lifetime Frame & brake warranty, 5 years parts, 2 years labor

The Counter-Rotational Core motion in the new Yowza Pompano Elliptical helps to achieve an ab and oblique workout as well as your regular cardio. This really intensifies your workout providing a true full body exercise.

The mechanical side of the Pompano allows you to adjust intensity and incline all while pedaling on self-pivoting designed pedals that provide perfect spacing for your legs to receive that natural feel.

For Comfort They have also added in the necessary water bottle holder, iPod dock and speakers. Also there is a triple speed fan to keep you cool and obviously heart rate monitoring. These may not seem like big deals but try running for an extended period of time without music or a water bottle holder and you'll realize that they are needed.

Yowza Fitness Pompano

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What We Think: The Yowza Pompano is probably in the top 5 rated ellipticals of 2012. Keep in mind though, that this elliptical provides a much more intense workout than your standard run of the mill elliptical. The high intensity may not be your cup of tea so just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Pricing: The pricing for this elliptical is not bad at all. If you can't afford the Captiva or the Sanibel then this elliptical comes next in line. Priced at $1,999 you really can't go wrong. Not to mention if you're looking for a Yowza Pompano Discount you can wait because they often do sales where they sell it for $1,499. You can also try the discount code "20-OFF" for 20 percent off.

Yowza Pompano Discount

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