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Yowza Navarre Elliptical Review

The Yowza Navarre elliptical by Yowza Fitness is their mid level elliptical for those on a semi strict budget.

For a mid level elliptical, this machine has packed in more features then you would expect to receive at this price point. The Yowza Navarrre is smooth, comfortable, and includes all of the grade features needed to make the perfect cardio machine.

We have also reviewed the Yowza Largo, Sanibel, and Captiva ellipticals as well. The Navarre is between the Largo and Sanibel in terms of price but on terms of quality they are much closer. Click on the image below to compare Yowza ellipticals on the official website:

Compare Yowza Navarre Elliptical

Compare Yowza Ellipticals

Obviously if you ask us to pick one out as the best elliptical out of the bunch we choose the Captiva. It is most packed with features and goodies but has a steep price tag compared to the others. Lets talk about the difference between these ellipticals. For starters, both the Captiva and Sanibel have the Cardio core motion while the Navarre does not. If you didn't already know, Cardio Core motion is the back and forth swing from side to side while running the elliptical.

Just because the Navarre does not come with the Core motion does not mean it is not a quality elliptical. In fact, the Navarre is still one of the most sturdy, reliable, and robust ellipticals on the market today. You still get an intense cardio workout every time you use it, you just don't get an ab workout to go along with it.

Yowza Navarre Features

  • Rear Drive
  • 20 Inch Stride
  • Grip Pulse Handlebars
  • iPod Dock w\ Speakers
  • Lifetime frame & brake warranty + 5 years parts / 2 years labor

With a stride length at 20 inches most people should be completely satisfied with the feeling they get while running on this elliptical. The iPod dock makes a great distraction to keep you busy while running on the elliptical and the rear drive provides an almost silent motion so you won't bother anyone while working out.

Is It Hard To Move?

Yowza Fitness Navarre

Nope! Just like all of the other ellipticals made by Yowza Fitness, the Navarre is extremely easy to move and stow away. As you can see from the picture above it is as simple as lifting up the back holding onto the handle bars and then rolling it where you want to go. It is not very heavy and its a great mild upper body workout!

Yowza Navarre Console

Yowza Fitness Navarre Console

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You can see from the console pic above that it is a little more simplistic than the Captiva or the Sanibel but still looks sleek and delivers all of the information that you need. The iPod dock is a great perk to have and combined with all the other features and great add ons you know you are getting a deal with the Yowza Navarre elliptical.

Pricing: Like mentioned above the Yowza fitness Navarre is the middle level elliptical so its price is naturally between the other ellipticals. It starts at $1,299 but sometimes you can get it cheaper. For instance try using coupon code 20-OFF at checkout.

Yowza Navarre Discount

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